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Top 10 Series


The year behind us brought a combination of the craziest thrillers and crime dramas. These series will keep you on the edge of uncertainty and make you wonder, "What will happen next?"


From miniseries to gems spanning multiple seasons, time has passed quickly with titles that are binge-worthy. Discover new worlds, twists, and resolutions.


Series that brought different, quirky, and completely fresh perspectives on classic crime formats, young-adult stories, Scandi-noir... These are series that are definitely not for everyone.

2023 was the year of streaming. As the first streaming service within the region, we've presented an exceptional selection of series that captivated audiences and seduced critics. "Picky" streamers were treated to humor, profound human emotions, and genuine life stories through the curated lineup of THE BEST OF 2023. Discover why there are 120 worldwide prize nominations among them!

We proudly present THE BEST OF 2023 series collection. Supported by the most prestigious media channels, critics, and audience reviews, which all agreed on the quality and enviable production.

1. Happy Valley
⭐ IMDb 8.5/10

With over 50 nominations and 27 prestigious awards won, the series leaves a strong impression on critics as well as the audience, bearing the title of one of the best series of 2023. In the third season of the British crime thriller, prominent detective Catherine Cawood faces new challenges that test her courage and determination. Through an intricate web of crimes, we follow her fight for justice as she uncovers unexpected secrets that will shake the foundations of her professional and personal life.

"Crime TV at it’s finest!", Vogue

2. Shetland
⭐ IMDb 8.3/10

Despite many nominations for BAFTA and other European awards, the series has remained true to its roots, delivering true British crime drama. In season eight, the beloved characters are joined by new lead detective Ruth Calder to investigate complex crimes on the picturesque Shetland Islands. Her sharp intuition and dedication to the truth give freshness, creating unexpected twists and emotional moments.

"A proven winner!", Chicago Tribune

3. Vigil
⭐ IMDb 7.4/10

Having won international awards, such as the 2022 Emmy for Best Drama Series, the series returns with a second season of the tense thriller set in a new location. Inspector Amy Silva faces a complex new enemy that attacks from the air, uncovering new secrets and facing challenges that threaten her safety.

"Record-breaking TV series", Deadline

4. Upright
⭐ IMDb 8.4/10

This Australian dark comedy follows the unlikely adventure of mismatched partners Lucky and Meg, who won over audiences with their charm and sincerity, earning a high 8.4 rating on IMDb. Bringing laughter, tears, challenges, and deep emotions, the story follows more than just the journey to Luckyje's hometown but also the development of an unexpected friendship.

"Clever, scenic and addictively good!", The Guardian

5. The Head
⭐ IMDb 6.8/10

The series, named by Variety as one of the best international series of 2022, won over audiences with two seasons. In the first season, the series is set in an Antarctic research camp and provides an intense thriller, revealing the secrets and dark crimes that took place that winter. In the new sequel, the cast from all over the world adds to the tense atmosphere in a new location, this time on a cargo ship in warmer climes.

"Best international TV series of the year", Variety

6. Exit
⭐ IMDb 8.2/10

Based on true events and the lives of the Norwegian elite, the drama brings new challenges for a group of friends facing business and personal problems. Through dynamic relationships and plots, the characters encounter various life changes, discovering their inner strengths and weaknesses amidst turbulent circumstances. The relationships of this group of friends experience a breakdown in the third season, which premiered this year on Pickbox NOW.

"Greed, sex and dysfunctional lure more than a million viewers", Nordisk Film & TV Fond

7. One of the Boys
⭐ IMDb 6.4/10

Set in a small town, this Scandi drama follows the socially awkward Lau as he must prove his masculinity while battling attraction to another boy. An emotional story about friendship and the challenges of growing up in the world of young people, it reveals the power of togetherness, love, and friendship.

"An accurate and poetic coming-of-age tale,", Series Mania Forum

8. Love Me
⭐ IMDb 7.5/10

The second season of the Australian drama continues to explore love relationships and the complexities of modern society, through intriguing plots and the emotional ups and downs of one family. Through a seemingly ordinary group of people, many questions are raised about love, loyalty, and one's own happiness.

"Very middle class, very Melbourne – and very compelling", The Guardian

9. End of Summer
⭐ IMDb 8.4/10

The Danish "noir drama" follows the young Vera faced with an unexpected event during the summer holidays in the '90s when her young brother Billy disappears. Years later, the case reopens in her life with the arrival of an unknown young man.

"A psychological thriller series based Anders de la Motte’s bestseller", Variety

10. Ex-Wife
⭐ IMDb 6.4/10

The upcoming intriguing miniseries explores how idyllic family relationships can quickly become complicated when an uninvited guest unexpectedly arrives. This tense thriller follows a young mother, Taša, in her struggle to protect her young daughter from her husband's ex-wife, who relentlessly follows them.

"The Ex-Wife has the pulpy, psychological thriller vibe", Decider

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